Mouse Extermination Tips

The Arizona mouse is a nuisance creature that has been invading the human lives since time immemorial. This creature has become totally dependent with human. They require only a small amount of water and food to survive allowing them to thrive on urban areas. Although some people will find the creature small and fragile, the damage they can cause can be immeasurable. They do not only carry parasites but they can also transmit diseases that can sometimes be fatal. In addition, they reproduce fast and can easily reach a shocking number in a couple of few weeks.

Lethal and Non-Lethal Method on Getting Rid of the Mouse
Mouse infestation is a common problem that most of us encounter but the number of occurrence can reach its peak during the fall and summer months. Exterminators are quite busy these days but if you prefer the non-lethal method, wildlife control agency provides a better solution. In this article, we listed the lethal and non-lethal method to drive them away.

Lethal Method
Exterminators have developed a range of methods to exterminate this poor creature. They are also equipped with arsenals that can also pose a threat to the household members and your pets.

  • Kill Traps- Most Phoenix exterminators are looking for a better ways to capture the mouse. These days, the conventional mouse trap no longer works. Kill traps are no longer just limited to those traps that will snap the fragile bones of the mouse. There are traps that will zap them and there are also traps that will contract and will gradually suffocate them. Perhaps one of the more advanced traps would be the traps that come with infrared beams. When the trap has been activated, the entrance will shut and the trap will release a lethal amount of carbon dioxide.
  • Poison- Popularly known as rodentocide, there are different options to choose from. Unfortunately, this is one of the most inhumane methods since it can lead to internal bleeding.

Non-Lethal Method
For those who are looking for the humane alternative, the best possible solution would be prevention. You need to make your Phoenix house mouse-proof. Start by creating barriers and then block all the entrances. Check the outer walls and find the holes and start covering them preferably with a mesh wire. After covering all the possible entrances, inspect their breeding ground and clear all the nesting materials. You should also clean your property and eliminate all the traces of their urine and droppings. Be sure to wear protective gears since their droppings can release fumes once your disturb it.

Getting rid of the mouse that invaded your house can be a tricky task. Fortunately, with the help of the professional wildlife control services, you can guarantee that your problem with the mouse will be solved. Furthermore, they also have the equipment to deal with the droppings and dirt that the mouse left. This will help you stay away from the possible health conditions and issues related with the mouse invasion.

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