What Smells Repel Snakes?

Most homeowners will turn to repellent once a snake invaded their home. The smell that these repellents release can affect the senses of the Phoenix snake and may frighten them. While this can make them uncomfortable, using scents to repel the snakes will not necessarily work all the time. Trapping and relocating the snakes can still be the best way to deal with them.

List of Odors that Can Repel the Snakes
A lethal bite from the snake rarely happens. In fact, most of the time, snake bites happen when a person decided to deal with the infestation personally. Some people prefer the use of repellent to avoid direct contact with the snake. A significant amount of money is being spent on repellents annually hoping that it will drive the vermin away.

Scent of Leaves
Leaves of certain plants will release scent that can be uncomfortable to the Arizona snakes. The efficacy of this leaves can be highly improve once you burn them. The leaves of the comfrey and rue would be helpful in minimizing snake activities in our garden. After you burn the leaves of these trees, gather the burnt leaves and place it on key locations.

Artemisia Absinthium or popularly known as wormwood can be used as a solution for your Phoenix snake infestation. The smell that it carries is overpowering and sharp that can overwhelm the senses of the snake. This is often scattered on various section of the house to get rid of the snake. Once the herb dries up, it is more likely to release a scent that is quite unfavorable. Some people also choose to plant it to remove the wildlife creatures from their property.

Moth Crystals and Sulfur
Based on other reports, the sublimed type of sulfur has the power to put an end to your snake infestation problem. The odor of the sulfur is already undesirable for the snake and once you combine it to moth crystal the effect will be magnified. Mothballs also contain chemicals that can harm the olfactory nerve of the snake. Unfortunately, the strong combination of these two elements makes them unsuitable to place inside our home.

Ammonia is a popular deterrent due to the strong and annoying scent that it releases. The scent is basically irritating for anyone that can smell them which includes the snakes. You can basically scatter a cotton ball with ammonia all over your property.

Naphthalene is the key ingredients in producing mothballs. This chemical can also be found in common pesticides. According to the reports of University of Massachusetts, placing naphthalene in an enclosed space may not completely repel the snakes but it may be enough for the snake to leave the confined space.

Snake infestation can be a scary experience especially if you do not know how to discern the poisonous from the non-poisonous snake. If you don’t have any experience in dealing with snake invasion, be sure to seek the assistance of the wildlife removal company. They have the knowledge and the necessary equipment to successfully remove the snake from your home.

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