Tips in Choosing the Best Squirrel Baffles

If you have birdfeeders in your Phoenix house, you probably know the struggle of keeping the squirrels away from the seeds. You have initially predicted that this device will be able to capture the interest of those beautiful birds but the squirrels will ruin your plan. They will frighten these beautiful birds and create a great deal of mess. They can even cause damages to your property.

The Best Types of Squirrel Baffles
Squirrel baffles are small devices that are placed around the pole of the birdfeeders that aims to keep the squirrels away. Nonetheless, with their crafty skills and jumping abilities, there are times that they can find a loophole to this defense. In order to prevent that from happening, you need to find a baffle that will suit your demand and situation.

This obviously comes with a wrap-around layout. This has a shape of a cone that will block the squirrels from climbing on the poles. This will keep your birdfeeders safe from their attack. One advantage of the wrap around design is that they are easy to introduce to the pole. You can even introduce them to your birdfeeders without disturbing the birds. It comes with a smooth design that is also effective against the squirrel. Unfortunately, it also comes with a drawback. You won’t be able to use it on birdfeeders with thick poles.

Metal Pole Baffle
This is perhaps the best choice for those who have birdfeeders that are mounted on pole. This will prevent the Phoenix squirrels from climbing and getting the treats on the feeders. It has the large cylindrical shape that has been manufactured using a highly-resilient metal. It also has a round and wide design that will prevent the squirrel from reaching the top. Since it is made from metallic material, it is resistant against the persistent chewing of the squirrels. Sadly, this is too small to deter the raccoons.

Slide-on Baffle
There are different designs of slide-on baffles that are effective in blocking the Arizona squirrel from its path. This is usually made from a steel material that is coated with textured powder. This will be installed on the bottom of the birdfeeders. This is designed to be safe to use especially if you have pets and children on your house. It is packed with fine powder that allows easy application. This can only be used on straight poles.

Weather Shield
If you want a baffle that will protect the birdfeeder not only against the squirrels, but also on tough weather element then the weather shield would be an excellent option. It comes with a hook that you can easily attack anywhere. This will protect the birdfeeder from the attack of the squirrels on top. This will also shield the feeders from the rain and sun. However, it may not be the best choice if you have a feeder mounted on a pole.

After all the efforts that you exerted in welcoming these colorful birds in your yard, you don’t want the squirrel to ruin your plan. Finding the right squirrel baffle will keep the squirrels at bay.

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